Extreme Metal Products

You won’t find a more grassroots company that EMP (extreme metal products) in the UTV business and the quality of their parts shows it!! These guys are real riders and have been around for generations and making UTV accessories since 2005! We have been to their headquarters in OH, and it is legit, they know how to build UTV parts, that is obvious. We offer more EMP parts than anyone and we stand behind them! Best prices, best return policy, and 100% satisfaction on all Extreme Metal products purchase!

Make your UTV part selection from hundreds of EMP products, from their windshields, roofs, bumpers, mirrors, and more! Come shop and be amazed at what we have for your side by side!!

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Extreme Metal Products (EMP): Redefining the UTV Aftermarket with Unmatched Innovation

Extreme Metal Products (EMP) has made a substantial mark on the UTV aftermarket accessories industry since its establishment in 2005. Based in the manufacturing heartland of Cleveland, Ohio, EMP takes advantage of its proximity to some of America’s best testing grounds. The brand proudly creates all its products domestically, allowing customers to take pride in using top-quality, American-made UTV accessories.

EMP combines decades of experience in custom industrial sheet metal fabricating with a fervor for Powersports. Their mission is to design and manufacture a broad array of aftermarket accessories, primarily focusing on UTV parts. This fusion of industrial expertise and passion for Powersports has enabled EMP to carve out a unique niche within the industry.

A defining attribute of EMP is its agility, aptly described as "fleet afoot." Maintaining continuous engagement with OEM market specialists, the company swiftly identifies and responds to market trends, model revisions, technical innovations, and customer feedback. Customers trust EMP to consistently deliver the most up-to-date and innovative solutions in the UTV market.

Customer interaction is a focal point for EMP. They dedicate an entire section of their website to photos submitted by users, a testament to the quality, functionality, and the enjoyment their products bring to customers. We know these guys personally and they are great and super huge UTV enthusiasts!!! 

EMP's product range is expansive, specifically catering to UTV needs. The line includes rearview mirrors, winch mounts, roof covers, windshields, and a plethora of other parts. Additional top-quality offerings are mirrors, bumpers, skid plates, bulkheads, bed covers, grilles with light bars, and in-dash stereos. Every product reflects EMP’s commitment to precision, quality, and affordability.

Extreme Metal Products is more than just a brand—it's a beacon of American craftsmanship and innovation. By integrating industrial expertise with Powersports passion and focusing on UTV parts, EMP has become a reliable brand for Powersports enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-tier, cost-effective aftermarket accessories.