Polaris RZR 170 (Youth)

Unleash the passion of the next generation of Polaris UTV off-road enthusiasts with our Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) Aftermarket UTV Parts & Accessories category! Shop our range of sturdy and secure roll cages, aggressive and grippy tires, and good-looking and lightweight wheels! Ensure consistent control with speed limiters while ensuring more power and a better sound with our selection of superior Polaris RZR 170 exhaust systems! Lift kits will give you more ground clearance, windshields will give you more protection, and strong bumpers, guards, and skid plates will take care of the rest! Get ready to ignite with our exceptional selection of accessories for the ultimate junior UTV - the Polaris RZR 170 Youth!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) Aftermarket UTV Parts & Accessories?

Compatibility and Usage

The Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) is a purpose-built junior UTV designed to offer young riders a secure and exhilarating off-road journey in order to gain some experience before upgrading to a more serious UTV with more power. Packed with adjustable speed limiters, safety harnesses, and protective roll cages, the RZR 170 guarantees a safe expedition filled with excitement without worrying about safety as much as with a more powerful UTV. The RZR 170 isn’t compatible with most other Polaris UTVs when it comes to parts and accessories which is why we’ve come up with a clever way to help you with that. All you have to do it preselect the model you want to buy parts and accessories for, and we’ll show you only the parts and accessories that are compatible with that specific model.

Styling Mods

The Polaris ACE 150 and the RZR 170 are both entry-level UTVs designed to introduce the world of UTVs to the next generation. This means that the RZR 170 might be a bit too compromised when it comes to styling or that it might be a bit too “ordinary-looking”. If you want to change that and make your UTV look better, be sure to consider our selection of stylish Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) aftermarket UTV parts & accessories. Even better, if you go for clever mods such as tires, wheels, roll cages, doors, door inserts, full enclosures, lights, and mirrors, you’ll make your Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) look good while also making it safer and more usable.

Performance Mods

With its 169cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine, the Polaris RZR 170 sure is no rocket ship. If you want to boost its power, make it more responsive, or simply make it more fun, you should invest in our selection of performance Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) aftermarket UTV parts & accessories. These include components such as air intakes, air filters, clutch kits, drive belts, exhaust systems, or even ECU tuners which allow you to change some of the engine’s main metrics in order to achieve more power while maintaining similar fuel economy.

Handling Mods

Last but not least, for those wanting to make their Polaris RZR 170 (Youth) UTVs more responsive and capable on all surfaces, they should most definitely consider our selection of handling-enhancing modifications. Browse through our selection of lift kits, coilover kits, springs & shocks, sway bars, A-Arms, and even axle components, all of which will make your RZR 170 more poised or more capable of going over steep obstacles.