Snorkel Kits

Experience the thrill of water fording and conquer muddy trails with UTV snorkel kits. These essential accessories elevate your UTV's capabilities by allowing it to navigate through deep water and mud without risking damage to the engine. UTV snorkel kits consist of specially designed air intake systems that elevate the air intake points, keeping them above the waterline. This helps to prevent water and debris from entering the engine, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging off-road conditions. Discover a variety of snorkel kits tailored to fit different UTV models, providing you with the confidence to tackle any wet and muddy adventure.

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What to look out for when buying UTV Snorkel Kits?

For UTV enthusiasts who love off-roading in wet and muddy terrains, UTV snorkel kits are essential accessories that elevate their water crossing capabilities. In this blog post, we will dive into the importance of UTV snorkel kits and the different types of kits available to enhance your UTV's water resistance, protecting your engine during exhilarating water adventures.

Why Do You Need UTV Snorkel Kits?

UTV snorkel kits are designed to raise the air intake points of your vehicle, allowing it to traverse water obstacles without risking engine damage. When you encounter deep water crossings, the stock air intake system may not have the necessary height to prevent water from entering the engine. Water ingestion can lead to hydrolock, a potentially catastrophic condition that occurs when water fills the cylinders, causing severe engine damage. UTV snorkel kits provide a raised and protected air intake system, ensuring your engine receives clean air and eliminating the risk of water ingestion. By installing snorkel kits, you can confidently explore water crossings and muddy terrains, knowing that your engine is protected from potential damage.

Types of UTV Snorkel Kits

Full-Snorkel Kits: Full-snorkel kits provide a comprehensive solution for water resistance by raising the air intake, differential, and transmission breathers. These kits typically include all the necessary components, such as intake pipes, hoses, brackets, and detailed instructions for installation. Full-snorkel kits offer maximum protection for all crucial components vulnerable to water ingestion.

Engine-Specific Snorkel Kits: Engine-specific snorkel kits are designed to fit specific UTV models and engines. These kits ensure a precise fit and are often available for popular UTV models. Engine-specific snorkel kits offer a tailored solution, incorporating the necessary components to protect the engine's air intake from water intrusion.

Customizable Snorkel Kits: Customizable snorkel kits provide flexibility for UTV owners who want to customize the snorkel placement and configuration. These kits typically include modular components that allow you to create a snorkel system that suits your specific needs and preferences. With customizable snorkel kits, you can design a setup that works best for your UTV and desired water crossing capabilities.

Pre-Filter Snorkel Kits: Pre-filter snorkel kits include additional filtration elements in the snorkel system to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from entering the engine. These kits often feature a dedicated pre-filter that removes large particles, extending the life of your air filter and enhancing the engine's protection.

UTV snorkel kits are essential accessories for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy water crossings and muddy adventures. By raising the air intake points, these kits protect your engine from water ingestion, ensuring a reliable and exhilarating experience. Browse our selection of snorkel kits today and elevate your UTV for exciting water-based expeditions.