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How Wide Are UTV Snow Plow Blades?
The first snowfall of the year may be beautiful, but that Norman-Rockwell-esque landscape isn’t going to clear itself. Thankfully, UTV owners can turn to the power and versatili
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About Side by Side Source: (Wisconsin Based with USA Service)

Welcome to Side by Side Source, the top notch online shopping destination for UTV parts and accessories. Whether you go to the dunes every weekend, ride the trails of the Midwest, farm in the hills country of Texas, we got your needs covered! Our one-stop shop caters to your needs, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly, looks great, your safe, and customized to your specific hobbies in your Side by side. Founded by passionate off-road enthusiasts, we understand the joy of hitting the trail and exploring with your family and friends.

We believe buying UTV parts should be as exciting and easy as riding. Our commitment to top-quality products and easy shopping experiences drives us. Our comprehensive assortment of products covers all major UTV OEM makes and models, offering replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories. From windshields to tires, winches to snow plows, Side by Side Source has it all.

Our user-friendly catalog lets you filter products by Year, Make, and Model, ensuring the right fit, and cutting the clutter of the items that do not fit your UTV. Exceptional customer service is our priority, with fast shipping and easy returns 90 day return policy. Join our UTV enthusiast community today and explore the off-road world confidently, side by side with us.

Side by Side Source history in the UTV parts and Accessory Retailer:

We have been selling UTV parts since 2010! Saying we have side by side industry and customer experience would be an understatement, we have been the premier online retail seller of aftermarket UTV parts since the Yamaha Rhino, Ranger 700, and RZR 800 were to trending models! Yeah, we are old, very old, if you didn’t catch on to that, but the good news with age comes experience. We have had the opportunity to serve over 500,000 side by side accessory customers since 2010. Our ownership and management group has combined UTV experience of over 100 years, again, old yes, we know!! It is with privilege and honor that we bring you side by side source with the aim of providing the single best place to buy all your UTV parts and accessories!! We push to this goal each day and value the customer and team members that are with us each foot of this gnarly and exiting ride!! Without you we would be nothing, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Why Experience Matters: Brand Snobs

Welcome to our UTV playground, where our ‘brand snobbery’ takes the driver seat. We know, we're bold to wear that badge proudly, but it's all in service to you, our daring UTV customers. Hand-picking aftermarket UTV parts isn’t just a job; it’s our religion. SuperATV rules our altar with its off-road sophistication and “bad-ass-ness” (if that is a word). Kolpin's durable, reliable outdoorsman accessories find their way into our lineup for those who don’t just play hard—they work hard. We trust Rough Country for those seeking rugged adventure. Seizmik makes the cut for its innovative designs, catering to the quirky side of the UTV engineering nerds. We have a soft spot for Ricochet Offroad’s superior skid plate protection, because safety can’t be overlooked in the pursuit of thrill and protecting your undercarriage! Highlifter's lift kits and Extreme Metal’s extreme durability, hell yeah, why not!!! Oh, they're here too. Not to mention 250 other UTV brands. We are your UTV snobs—cherry-picking only the finest brands and parts to ensure your off-road experience is second to none. So, pull up your ride, grab a coffee, and let’s talk SXS’s.

Not Just Accessories - Aftermarket UTV Hard Parts:

Unleash your UTV's potential and keep it on the trail with our extensive range of aftermarket replacement parts at our online shop. When your side by side breaks down, look no further than our store! From crucial hard parts like spark plugs, clutch cables, fuel filters, to headlights and clutches, we offer premium-quality components that rival O.E.M parts and are priced much better. Remember, your UTV is more than the unit—it's a performance machine built on solid foundations of small competent parts, and we have them all for your replacement if needed. Ensuring your UTV performs at its peak is our passion. Trust us to keep your ride in tip top running order!

Common Quick UTV Questions:

What is a UTV?

A UTV is a 4 or 6 wheel offroad machine that has 2 or-5 seats, roll bar, and a utility bed in the back for storage. They generally range have between 500-1500CC engines or many new models are electric UTV’s.

Why would you put accessories on UTV’s?

Most UTV’s come from the OEM as a pretty plain, without many bells and whitles. So must customers that purchase a UTV want to put accessories on it that makes it more comfortable, more convenient, or more usable for their specific hobbies, tasks, or entertainment purposes. There are literally hundreds of thousand sof ways you can deck out your side by side to make it “your own”.

What other names are UTV’s commonly known as?

A UTV is commonly known as a “Side by Side”, “buggy” down South, “car” (out west), “gator” (in Midwest), and lesser used terms such as SXS, ROV, ATV, Quad. You will notice these terms vary by region. What we have observed is whatever offroad machines folks were raised on in their youth, is what they often refer to a UTV name as.