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Maverick X3 MAX Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

Welcome to our Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX Aftermarket Parts & Accessories section, your one-stop destination to make this off-road machine even more intense! Unveil an extensive array of all-terrain tires and rugged wheels, ideal for mastering the harshest environments. Check out our user-friendly lift kits, tailored to augment your UTV's already impressive ground clearance. Illuminate your daring expeditions with our high-performance off-road LED lighting solutions and protect yourself and your occupants with best-in-class roll cages and harnesses! Add a layer of invincibility with our resilient bumpers and unparalleled protective gear. Seating multiple passengers, the Maverick X3 MAX combines durable construction with the joy of shared adventure. From windshields that offer clear vistas to sleek, functional doors that seal the deal, there's so much you can do to enhance its versatility and style. Ignite a new era of off-road thrills with your Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX—dive into our category and go further than ever before!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX Aftermarket Parts & Accessories?

Compatibility and Usage

Welcome to the world of the mighty Can-Am Maverick MAX upgrades, a thrill-seeker's paradise indeed! Engineered for high-speed off-road action, this UTV offers more than just a ride; it's a multi-passenger adventure machine. With a staggering 200 horsepower at your disposal, this beast is ready to tackle almost everything. If you want everything, then be sure to browse our Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX accessories and parts For custom fits that truly amplify your UTV, make sure to browse our specially tailored Maverick MAX catalog. Each pick promises to bond seamlessly with your UTV!

Styling Mods

Revamp your Can-Am Maverick MAX's look with our exclusive style upgrades. Light up the night with cutting-edge LED solutions and embrace clarity with our streamlined windscreens and mirrors. Style meets utility here. Don't miss our tough-as-nails wheel and tire combos, along with fortified roll cages and ultra-durable bumpers, for that extra layer of swag and safety. It’s really up to you as you can go for pretty much anything there is to choose. Think your goals through, and let us help you!

Performance Mods

Get ready to elevate your ride with our high-octane performance add-ons intended to take your UTV experience to a whole new league! Our exhaust systems not only give you a performance boost but resonate power. With our ECU tweaks and top-grade air filters, your MAX is set to perform at its peak. Our resilient drive belts, cooling system upgrades, and precision clutches ensure you enjoy relentless adventures.

Handling Mods

Your Can-Am Maverick MAX is already an off-road prodigy, but why stop there? You can do so much more, and experience places most Maverick MAX owners simply can not. How, well, make your UTV capable of going over everything so nothing can stop you. Upgrade your Can-Am Maverick MAX into an off-road legend. Our curated accessories take an already stellar UTV and turn it into something extraordinary. Choose from a huge range of upgrades such as portal gear lift kits, big kit lift kits, coilover kits, shocks & springs, sway bars, control arm upgrades, A-Arm upgrades, and so much more!