Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels and Hub Adapters for Your UTV

May 14th 2024

Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels and Hub Adapters for Your UTV

With how much the aftermarket steering wheel and hub adaptor world has been able to specialize into some really cool spaces, like quick-release functionality, D-shaped wheels for legroom, etc., it’s actually tough to declare a universal winner in most cases. That said, there are some brands that just continue to deliver gem after gem, like PRP Seats, Pro Armor, Assault Industries, and more, so we’ve featured several of their steering wheels and adapters in this list of favorites. Selections were chosen based on various metrics, including durability, affordability, and versatility. If you’re looking for the best of the best, save some time and check out our list below!

Best Wheel/Hub Combo: Honda Pioneer/Talon UTV Steering Wheel (14”) and Quick Release

Bundle deals are always convenient, but whether or not they’re actually worth it in the long run is determined by product quality and durability. In the case of Heretic Studio’s 14” UTV Steering Wheel with included Quick Release Hub, we’re happy to report that this precision-engineered hunk of high-grade aluminum (all one piece, by the way) is well worth it. Featuring a CNC-machined center cap, a billet hub adapter, all the hardware you need, and a lifetime warranty, this kit has everything you need to upgrade in confidence.

Best Standalone Steering Wheel: PRP Seats Comp-R Steering Wheel

Wrapped in moisture-resistant suede, fortified with a thick and grippy hand grip, and built from high-strength aluminum, the Comp-R Steering Wheel from PRP Seats is simply too good to not feature on our list of top UTV aftermarket steering wheels. This wheel complies with 6-point-bolt pattern adapters, and the D-shape allows for considerably improved legroom. In other words, this steering wheel checked every single one of our boxes, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a durable and performance-optimized upgrade.

A Comp-R Steering Wheel by PRP Seats, bearing the PRP logo on the center cap, uninstalled and against a blank background.

Best Value (Steering Wheel): Dragonfire Racing Iron Series Shallow Steering Wheels

Don’t get us wrong: we would never feature any corner-cutting products just because they’re cheap. Rest assured, the Dragonfire Racing Iron Series Shallow Steering Wheel, while highly affordable, still “has it where it counts,” as they say. By “it,” we mean a high-grade aluminum construction, ergonomic contouring for performance, and robust 6-bolt lug pattern. That said, we’ve seen hub adapters that cost more than this awesome steering wheel!

Most Durable Hub: Assault Industries Honda Pioneer/Talon Steering Wheel Hub

Precision-machined out of aircraft-grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum, this Assault Industries Steering Wheel Hub is about as “tanky” as they come, while still made to incredibly precise dimensions to fit perfectly and withstand all the fun forces that come with bouncing around in your UTV. To boost durability even further, this absolute unit of a hub is hard anodized. It complies with 6-bolt-pattern steering wheels, and the laser engraved logo is quite snazzy, if we may say so.

An Assault Industries Steering Wheel Hub, bearing the Assault Industries logo, uninstalled and against a blank background.

Most Versatile Hub: RZR Steering Wheel Hub by Pro Armor

Intuitively designed to provide a serious upgrade to performance and control while using your existing steering wheel hardware for installation, this unique RZR Steering Wheel Hub by Pro Armor works with 6-bolt-pattern wheels to be compatible with as many as possible (including all Pro Armor wheels). Made with billet-machined and powder coated aluminum, it’s no slouch in the durability department either.