8 Top UTV Products for Side by Side Spring Mud Riding Season

Mar 14th 2024

8 Top UTV Products for Side by Side Spring Mud Riding Season

“Normies” see a mud patch to drive around, but we mudders see a playground! Of course, if you want to take your side by side tooling around in the mud and drive back in one piece, there’s no getting around investing in top-grade mudding parts and accessories. At, we make sure that, no matter how small or big the part is, it doesn’t get anywhere near our selection if it isn’t made to the highest standards by the best brands. Without further ado, let’s get into our top 8 UTV products for side by side mudding season!

1. A Trusty Winch

When it comes to navigating through deep mud pits or pulling your rut-busting rig out of a sticky situation, a reliable winch is a must-have accessory. The Viking / Wolverine / YXZ Viper 3000/4500 lb Midnight Winch by Motoalliance is engineered to conquer any terrain with ease. With metal gears, mechanical load holding, and a dynamic brake, this winch is built to handle the toughest challenges. Plus, with its compact design and easy installation, you'll be ready to tackle any obstacle in no time.

                                                 A picture of the Viking / Wolverine / YXZ Viper 3000/4500 lb Midnight Winch by Motoalliance, uninstalled and against a blank background

2. Lift Kits: A Mudder's Best Friend

Completely revolutionize your off roading experience with the Commander 3 Lift Kit from TurnKey UTV. Designed to optimize performance while giving your vehicle that muscular look, this premium lift kit allows you to conquer even the most challenging terrain with ease. With its CNC-machined aluminum spacers and stackable design, you can customize your ride height to suit your needs. Plus, with its made in the USA construction, you can trust that this lift kit is built to last.

3. High-Quality Mud Tires

Let that mud pit know who really wears the pants with these crazy rugged QuadBoss 6089 Mud Tires! Engineered for maximum traction and durability, these tires are designed to take your mudding adventures to a totally new level. With their exclusive tread design and tough 6-ply bias construction, you can tackle even the muddiest trails with ease. Plus, with their unique scale design and wrap-around lugs, you'll enjoy superior traction and sidewall protection on every ride.

                                                       A side-facing image of the QuadBoss 6089-SSS Mud Tire, uninstalled and against a blank background.

4. Go Deeper With a Snorkel Kit

Open up a new realm of possibility with the RZR XP 900 Snorkel Riser Kit by Triangle ATV, which turns your side by side into a submersible beast! Designed to protect your engine from water and debris, this snorkel kit allows you to tackle even the deepest mud holes with confidence. With its custom metal mounting brackets and thorough installation instructions, you can trust that this snorkel kit is built to last. Plus, with its crankcase vent reroute system, you can prevent water intrusion into your engine oil for added peace of mind.

5. Durable Drive Belts

Upgrade your ride for high-performance action like never before with the powerful RZR 900 3GX Drive Belt from High Lifter. Engineered for high performance and durability, this belt is designed to handle the toughest conditions with ease. With its high temperature neoprene construction and proven reliability, you can trust that this drive belt will keep you moving forward on even the most challenging trails.

6. Prime Protection With Fender Flares

Protect your Polaris RZR S 900/XC-900/4 900/S 1000 from mud and debris with MudBusters fender flares. Made with durable materials for off-road adventures, these fender flares are designed to keep you clean and dry on every ride. With their flexible, strong American-made plastic construction and easy installation, you can enjoy maximum coverage and style without sacrificing performance.

7. Aggressive Axles

Shore up your defenses against tough and unpredictable terrain, including mudding, with the Pioneer 1000 Performance Axle from Rugged ATV Parts. Designed for rugged terrain and superior performance, this axle delivers maximum strength and durability on every ride. With its precision-machined internal components and heat-treated construction, you can trust that this axle will keep you moving forward in even the most challenging conditions.

8. Your Crew!

Finally, don't forget to bring along your friends and family to share in the excitement of spring mud riding season. After all, the best memories are made when shared with loved ones. So, get upgraded, round up the squad, and get ready for an unforgettable off-road adventure!