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What Is a UTV Cab Heater?

Jan 15th 2024

What Is a UTV Cab Heater?

A UTV cab heater is an indispensable device for winter riders who wish to continue their off-road journeys unabated. It serves to heat your enclosed UTV cab, aiding in preserving a comfortable temperature despite the freezing conditions outside. It is user-friendly with easy-to-operate dashboard-mounted controls.

How Does a UTV Cab Heater Function?

UTV cab heaters operate much like your vehicle's heater. They extract heat from the coolant lines of your UTV through heat-tolerant hoses, which indirectly helps your engine by decreasing excessive heat. Numerous cab heaters, such as the Inferno Cab Heater, come with a comprehensive set of installation equipment, making the installation process swift and simple.

Evaluating the Top UTV Cab Heaters

Top Cab Heater for the John Deere Gator: Inferno Cab Heater w/ Defrost Highly recommended by several enthusiasts, the Inferno UTV Cab Heater is ideal for combating frost or humidity accumulation. It fits snugly within your Gator's cab and comes with a speed control switch that fits into the standard dash holes. It includes a full kit and a three-year manufacturer's warranty, making it a sturdy solution. For a four-seater UTV model, adding a Heat Extender Kit can provide additional louvers to direct air to the rear.

Best Cab Heater for the Can-Am Defender: Ice Crusher 

The Ice Crusher is notable for its three-speed variable fan, which adapts to changing temperatures and can deliver up to 14,600 BTUs when necessary. With dual defrost vents for the windshield, a compact design, and adjustable vents, it is a favorite among Can-Am riders. It works best within the sealed cabin of a Defender, recycling and generating heat without straining your UTV's engine.

Best Cab Heater for the Polaris Ranger: Firestorm 

The Firestorm is admired for its high-quality design. The Firestorm Cab Heater for the Ranger provides a professional, OEM appearance post-installation. Its superior heater core—developed with European heating experts—distributes the 13,000 BTUs evenly across a three or four-person cab. Its ease of installation, three-year warranty, and four vents for maximizing defrost make it a standout choice.

Best Cab Heater for the Honda Pioneer: Moose Cab Heater 

Honda Pioneer owners frequently prioritize accessories such as gun racks, lights, and storage. However, for year-round usage, a competent cab heater is crucial. The Moose Cab Heater emerges as the top choice due to its simple installation and dependable performance. It’s made in the USA, and its window defrost feature is favored by UTV riders globally.

Heating Things Up in the UTV Community

Thanks to a vibrant community of followers, we've managed to compile the best UTV cab heaters based on genuine user feedback. It's important to note that adding heat to a UTV is a simple task with quality components and explicit instructions.

Browse our extensive selection of Cab Heaters and equip your UTV for a warm ride, no matter the season.