How Wide Are UTV Snow Plow Blades?

Feb 15th 2024

How Wide Are UTV Snow Plow Blades?

The first snowfall of the year may be beautiful, but that Norman-Rockwell-esque landscape isn’t going to clear itself. Thankfully, UTV owners can turn to the power and versatility of a snow plow to get the job done in a fraction of the time. But which width do you choose? For this guide on snow plow blade widths, we’re using Bercomac’s full lineup of snowblower/snow plow combos (available in 48” to 72”) to provide benchmarks, since they cover the bulk of the optimal width range and provide an excellent product to boot. First things first, we’ll start with the (not so) “little guy.”

48" Width: Precision in Tight Spaces

The 48" Bercomac Snowblower is the epitome of precision, excelling in tight spaces and narrow driveways. Its compact design allows for efficient maneuvering in confined areas, making it an ideal choice for homeowners with limited space. This width is perfect for light to moderate snowfall, ensuring a neat and precise snow removal process. In other words, you certainly don’t need a huge property to make snowplows of this width worth using - especially since Bercomac makes them so easy to install and remove. Anyone with a driveway and/or neighbors that they actually like can make efficient use of a 48” plow in “the burbs.”

54" Width: Versatility for Varied Conditions

The 54" Bercomac Snowblower strikes a balance between maneuverability and coverage, offering versatility for various applications and conditions. This width is suitable for both residential and commercial use, excelling in moderate to heavy snowfall. Its ability to cover a broader path makes it a go-to option for those looking to tackle larger areas without sacrificing maneuverability. Fewer passes, but still small enough to squeeze into many places that larger trucks and plow can’t.

A front-oblique image of a 54-inch Bercomac snow plow, installed on an ATV and parked on snowy terrain.

66" Width: Tackling Heavier Loads

Now entering the more heavy duty end of the spectrum, the 66" Bercomac Snowblower is built to tackle heavier snow loads and larger spaces. This width is well-suited for commercial applications, including clearing parking lots, driveways, and expansive properties. Its increased coverage ensures a more efficient snow removal process, making it a reliable choice for those facing more substantial winter challenges.

72" Width: Conquering the Winter Wilderness

For the most demanding snow removal tasks, the 72" Bercomac Snowblower reigns supreme. With an impressive width, this snowblower is designed for tackling the harshest winter conditions, making it an excellent choice for large properties, commercial applications, and even municipal use. The 72" width provides unparalleled efficiency, allowing operators to clear vast expanses with ease.

A front-oblique image of a 72-inch Bercomac snow plow, installed on an ATV against a blank background

Choosing the Right Width for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate width for your UTV snow plow blade depends on the specific tasks and environments you'll be facing. If you're dealing with confined spaces or light snowfall, the 48" or 54" options may be more suitable. For larger areas with heavier snow loads, the 66" and 72" widths offer the coverage needed to get the job done efficiently. Another thing we really appreciate about the Bercomac lineup that eases the pressure off of the width decision is the fact that the frames are extendible. This empowers you to go a little smaller than intended if you’re concerned about fitting into tighter spaces, while also giving you the ability to extend the frame for wider areas.

It All Comes Down to the Work

We understand the vast array of options out there can be a bit eye-crossing, but especially with an extendible snow plow blade like Bercomac offers, there’s no need to overthink the width issue. At the bottom of the width spectrum are tighter spaces and lighter loads, and at the top are larger areas and more serious snowfall. If you intend to do a little bit of both, or are in-between, a medium-sized width (about 54”-60”) is ideal. Either way, with a Bercomac plow, that snow is outta there in no time, so you can get back to important winter morning activities like refilling your coffee.