The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Polaris Ranger 1000 Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories

Jan 8th 2024

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Polaris Ranger 1000 Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories

That Polaris Ranger is a master rover in all types of terrain, but if you're not equipped to haul what you need, you're limiting your potential for fun and/or productivity. This is where our top-rated selection of Polaris Ranger rear bed size and top bed accessories comes in, giving you the storage you need with none of the hassle of ill-fitting knockoffs. We're excited to showcase top-notch accessories that will elevate your Polaris Ranger experience, so let's get to it!

Polaris Ranger Rear Bed Saddle/Storage Box by Moose

This Rear Bed Saddle/Storage Box  by Moose is a game-changer for adventurers concerned about equipment safety. Constructed with rugged roto-molded design, these boxes provide 1.1 cubic feet of weather-resistant storage on each side. Easily installable onto your Polaris Ranger bed rails using the Polaris Lock & Ride locations, the lockable latch ensures maximum security. From tools to valuables, keep your gear organized and safeguarded during your travels.

 The dimensions of 22.0” length x 12.25” width x 12.5” height offer ample storage while being compatible with Polaris Rangers from 2005 to the current models. Made in the USA, this saddle/storage box combo is a reliable companion for your outdoor shenanigans.

Polaris Ranger Rear Raised Bed Rack for Duck and Waterfowl Hunting by Ranch Armor

Attention waterfowl hunters: Ranch Armor’s Polaris Ranger Rear Bed Rack is designed precisely for your needs. Compatible with all Full-Size Polaris Ranger Models, this rack enables you to safely and confidently haul dozens upon dozens of decoys, along with any other gear you need for a hunt to remember. This product is tailor-made for enthusiasts seeking convenience during hunting trips. Store your gear efficiently, ensuring a hassle-free and organized expedition every time.

A side-facing image of a Polaris Ranger outfitted with a rear bed rack by Ranch Armor.

SuperATV's Polaris Ranger Full-Size Rear Cooler/Cargo Box

Whether it’s more space for a certain favorite beverage, more tool-carrying capacity, or both that you’re after, SuperATV's Polaris Ranger Full-Size Rear Cooler/Cargo Box provides an efficient solution at a reasonable price. This sturdy and versatile storage solution enhances your Ranger's utility without compromising space. Easy to install, this insulated box offers ample room to secure your food and drinks while leaving space for other dry supplies. Featuring heavy-duty rubber latches, strong steel hinges, and drain plugs in each compartment, it keeps items secure, dry, and easily accessible during bumpy rides. Enjoy convenient and secure storage on rough trails while ensuring your gear stays safe and protected.

Polaris Ranger Bed Rails by Hornet Outdoors

If you don’t want to go with a box or a rack, Hornet Outdoors’ Polaris Ranger Bed Rails provide a super low-profile solution for considerably improving your rear bed storage potential. Equipped with the Hornet Rac-Klamp System, these rails ensure tool-less installation of accessories like spare tire brackets, chainsaw brackets, and more. They’re powder coated for greatly improved durability and corrosion resistance, and the heavy-duty steel underneath is made to withstand the toughest conditions. It’s a very easy way to virtually double your storage space and/or allow for the hauling of oversized items while keeping the bottom of that bed completely open.

A Polaris Ranger parked on grass next to a tree, outfitted with bed rails from Hornet Outdoors.

Quadboss's Polaris Ranger Bed Box

Quadboss presents the ultimate storage solution for your off-road adventures with the Polaris Ranger Bed Box. This robust storage box, crafted from durable rotomolded linear low-density polyethylene in a textured black finish, is built to endure the rigors of off-roading. With its weather and water-resistant construction, it safeguards your gear from harsh elements, keeping everything organized and secure. Boasting maximum storage space and a heavy-duty lid with a lockable latch, it offers hassle-free accessibility. No tools or extra hardware are needed for installation—just superior storage ready to accompany your Polaris Ranger on your next off-road excursion.

Upgrade your Polaris Ranger's rear bed size and experience convenience, security, and organization with these top-tier bed accessories. Explore the outdoors with confidence, knowing your gear is not just safe but also easily accessible. Get ready for your next adventure today!