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Breaking Down the Largest UTV tire Brands

Oct 20th 2023

Breaking Down the Largest UTV tire Brands

Choosing the Best UTV Tires and Wheels: Brands and Models

Your Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) deserves the best accessories, particularly when it comes to tires and wheels. After considering the factors like terrain, size, ply rating, tread pattern, and the wheel itself, you are probably wondering about the best brands and their top models. Look no further, as we will now dive into some of the best-selling brands and their leading tire models.


Maxxis is an industry leader in the tire world and well-loved among UTV enthusiasts. They're known for their high-quality, durable tires that perform exceptionally well across a wide range of terrains.

  • Maxxis Bighorn: A tried-and-true favorite among many UTV enthusiasts, the Bighorn is an all-terrain tire with a 6-ply rating for durability. Its aggressive, non-directional tread provides excellent traction, and its large shoulder lugs protect the sidewalls and rims.
  • Maxxis Carnivore: The Carnivore is an 8-ply radial tire designed for extreme terrains. It's known for its excellent traction in rocks, roots, and desert terrains. Despite its aggressive tread design, the Carnivore also provides a relatively smooth ride on hard surfaces.


ITP is another well-known brand in the UTV market, offering a wide range of tires for various terrain conditions.

  • ITP Mud Lite AT: The Mud Lite AT is an excellent choice for riders who frequently traverse muddy terrains. It's a 6-ply tire with a unique center tread design that provides excellent grip in the mud and a smooth ride on hard surfaces.
  • ITP Sand Star: For those who enjoy riding on sandy terrains, the Sand Star is a fantastic choice. Its dual-rib design provides excellent float and traction, while the 8-ply rating ensures durability.


Sedona Tire and Wheel company offer a line of tires with innovative designs and heavy-duty construction, giving you confidence while riding off-road.

  • Sedona Rock-A-Billy: The Rock-A-Billy tire was developed to provide a smooth ride and superior traction on a variety of terrains. It's an 8-ply radial tire known for its integrated "rock ejector" ribs that help prevent damage from rocks and other debris.
  • Sedona Rip Saw R/T: This all-terrain tire offers aggressive and durable radial construction. It features 1 1/8 inch deep tread design for excellent traction on various surfaces, making it a versatile choice.

These brands and their tire models have proven their mettle in the off-roading community, making them a great place to start when looking for UTV tires. However, always remember that the best tire for your UTV depends on your specific needs and the conditions you'll be riding in. Explore these options and choose the one that fits your UTV adventures the best. Happy riding!